The Logan1330 Heroic Story


In the year of 1330 brothers, Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan accompanied Sir James Douglas in their quest to bring the heart of the first king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce to the Holy Land.They were slain.

That is where the legend begins. Ancestral, Heraldic, Cool. The brothers' journey ended on that day, but their legend continues on with the Logan1330 brand.


My name is Jeff Logan. When I first saw my family crest it made me think of the courage of ancestors and the power of athletes.

I started Logan1330 because I wanted a brand that expressed the ancient heraldry of our ancestors and also the classic, yet tenacious aspect of sports, especially lacrosse. Face paint, long hair, short hair, baggy shorts, and a look that is a timeless, rugged and filled with swagger. I want people to walk into a meeting, bar, or be on a date and feel confident wearing a piece of the Logan1330 brand.

HOC MAJORUM VIRTUS...This is the valor of my ancestors


The Logans