Ancient Maroon Tartan Tie

Ancient Maroon Tartan Tie

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Before the game. After the battle. At the big meeting. Out with friends. This tie with its special tipping and tartan hold bar will turn heads. 

LOGAN1330-Ancient Maroon Tartan Tie

Fashioned from micro denier fiber, these ties have heraldic significance as they are all produced under the venerable crest of Logan1330, a unique heritage brand. 

Easily identified as the genuine article by the custom weaved tipping, featuring the Logan1330 tartan and the Logan1330 heraldic crest. 
*Note that the Logan tartan is also used in producing the keep loop.

Men's ties are 3.25" by 58" and feature such quality hallmarks as bar tacking on front and tail of the tie. 

CARE: The ties feature a soil release finish so they can be spot cleaned with cool water. Extensive soiling from oily substances can be best addressed by your dry cleaner.