Why Ancestors Matter !

A long time ago I saw my family crest which I will add below and it made an immediate impact on me.  It looked a lot different then it does now, but it pierced my soul.   It was so strong.  So masculine.  So full of ancient swag.

As I got older I started thinking about the crest more and what it's true meaning was.  It meant ancestors.  Everyone who had come before me was an ancestor.  There were bad ones,   I'm sure.  Were there great ones?  I know there was.  But there were a lot who worked, prayed, and lived lives dedicated to their families and all those that would come later would benefit.

I have recently taken the old brand and renewed it so all that comes after will know the splendor of my ancestors and live in pride that in some way are part of a continuum.

Thank You

Jeff Logan



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